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Fantastic product

On first use it cooked the sausages to perfection and more quickly. The ridges on the pan are the answer to the sausage lover's dilemma, to get the sausage cooked all round and this pan does it.

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Best Onion Gravy

Best Onion Gravy

Best Onion Gravy

Here is our basic tried and true easy onion gravy recipe, that is easy to achieve success with and  works well with most dishes.

You can also add red wine, mushrooms or lardons (bacon) when reducing the onions for red wine gravy. This will add an extra depth of flavour to the gravy.


1 x Onions finely diced 
1 x OXO Beef Cube or Equivalent 
1 x Tablespoon of Butter 
1 x Tablespoon of Flour (Plain or Cornflour) 
1 x Cup of Hot Water (just boiled)


2 x Strips of high fat middle(strip) bacon 
2 x Tbsp Redwine 
4 x Small mushrooms


  1. Place the diced onions and butter in a pan on a low heat cook until the onions begin to start caramelising (yellow/brown)
  2. Boil the hot water and crumble the stock cube in to the water stirring until dissolved
  3. Sprinkle the flour over the onions and butter then stir in (you may need to add more butter if all the flour has not dissolved)
  4. Carefully brown the flour and onions (this stage will affect the final flavour)
  5. Add add the red wine if required
  6. Now add the OXO stock cube and hot water mix to the pot using slowly, we recommend using a good whiska whisk to mix them together 


  1. If you start to get lumps when adding the OXO stock cube mix, add extra water to thin down the gravy, this will make it easier to whisk out the lumps. Once the lumps have been broken down the gravy will then thicken.
  2. Double the mix and freeze the remaining. It’s easy to defrost in a pot with a slight amount of water while you making the Toad in the Hole.